Family Dynamics & Healthcare

Thrive balancing your career, life, parents

It Takes a Village:

Enjoy life more, even through tough times

Solidify goals, roles, relationships

Family dynamics can rock!

6 Major Benefits - Thrive Customized Care Programs

Flat, Weekly Rates for 5-Star Quality

We help our seniors and families with everything imaginable. Home management and customized care.

You will see the difference in the quality of our care, and fast! Enjoy your days more. Invest in yourself, invest in your family.

Not a Wasted Dollar

We are always there with encouragement and a smile and to support our seniors

Our unique approach to customized care is not a charge per hour, but to always have your back, and with a smile.

Substantial New Ideas and Alternatives


Our mission is to stay well-informed and contribute everything to make every life we touch better because we are in it. 

Our Team is ALWAYS Learning New Skills


It's always our goal to stay ahead of the trends, to heal, to inspire and to keep our seniors happier and safer than ever!

Yes, Enjoy Life More Than You Ever Have


Even the most horrific situations can be made easier as we apply our Thrive programs to mental and physical challenges.

We Match-Make and Match your Lifestyle


Our team members transform lives. We match you with your best choice of caregiver, and dress the way YOU want us to!

Thrive Training for Motivated Families

We make caring for your parents look easy!


We get to the heart of issues and shift mindsets quickly so everyone is pulling their weight.

Healthcare navigation with a creative twist!

Astute Healthcare Navigation Services for Seniors

Navigating through all the healthcare, transportation and lifestyle choices can be daunting.

Our approach to mental and physical needs ROCKS!

Best priced and most substantial mastermind program in the country + laughter helps breakthroughs

We've been there and knock out deliverables as your advocate, and you won't outgrow us. 

Let's Connect!

Definitely Send Your Thoughts & Book Erika to Speak

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"I have to make a difference every moment. Even when no one is watching."

Corporate Mastermind Trainings

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Erika Feinberg

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Erika on Stage & Helping Business Leaders

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Unique Approach: Tangible Tools & Results

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