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Enjoy Soaking in the Stories That Knock Success Over-The-Top

I'm easily bored and was so moved and inspired by each chapter! 

Each story was drastically different in nature and so visual!

It was an honor to be part of this all-star group that includes a 2x Grammy Winner, a NFL Player and Mentor, a #1 Podcaster, Jim Rohn’s 18-Year Business Partner, Real Estate Syndicators, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Top Sales and Leadership Trainers, Brand Ambassadors, and many more. 

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I will sign each book and include something that will shift your way of seeing things...perspectives that fuel you for a lifetime!

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It's a Quick "Breakthrough-Type" Read

These are stories that just hit the spot and are so naturally written you'll fly through the book before you know it! You just get lost in the story and see it in your mind.

You'll Want to Pass it On or Share with your Team

I sincerely hope you're particularly moved by my chapter! I had a breakthrough I didn't expect while writing it!  It's one of the longer chapters, and includes 4 stories that heavily influenced carving this spectacular life of mine. So grateful, so blessed all-along the way! Ask@ApexOutcomes.com

Let's Work on Your Story & The Stories of Your Team!

I GUARANTEE you will THOROUGHLY enjoy this exercise and it will change everything for you, and improve the collaboration skills and performance of your team, IMMEDIATELY! 

I do this on stage in a highly interactive fashion or in a retreat setting. ENJOY!

Erika Feinberg

#1 Top Selling Author, 3x Successful CEO, Human Dynamics M.S., Top Ranked Public Speaker

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6 Major Benefits - Active Engagement Method

Not a Wasted Dollar


Your highest priority projects get better defined and get knocked out with a 'learning by fire" and quantifiable method.

Substantial New Ideas


This method naturally leads to brilliant and innovative ideas that are compelling and do-able. Try it, you'll see what I mean!

Your Team Learns New Skills


While your team experiences a new way of thinking, we knock out deliverables and learn new digital, collaboration and comms skills.

Get More from What You Have


Even terrible employees become effective creators and "completers". Reap the benefits of re-purposing your non-human assets too!

Ecosystem Harmony

Suppliers, Customers, Ancillary Companies Can Pay You to Market for Everyone's Benefit

Your team transforms cost centers into profit centers by crafting programs that links all ecosystems together & attracts new gold.

Erika on Stage & Helping Business Leaders

I'm honored and excited to be a part of this highly tactical leadership program. The focus is on funding and cash flowing your business, managing business finances, and driving efficient success through strategic partnerships.

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