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Team Harmony, Functional & Psychological Success

Families and family-like businesses reap immediate benefits from a direct dive into what everyone is doing, and how; defining roles, reviewing one another, improving processes, and taking full responsibility for group goals & needs. 

Families and family-like businesses should hum! 

Transformational Leadership Training

Leadership development helps both personal and professional success. There's no difference between the training sessions applied to business or personal leadership skills! It's all about clarity, (laughter) communications & approach.

The tangible tools and the experience always causes transformation.

6 Major Benefits of this Active Engagement Method

Not a Wasted Dollar

Improved role clarity and workflow comes from active project engagement. On-the-job learning works.

Your highest priority projects get better defined and get knocked out with a 'learning by fire" and quantifiable method.

Substantial New Ideas

Secret to sparking new business ideas

This method naturally leads to brilliant and innovative ideas that are compelling and do-able. Try it, you'll see what I mean!

Your Team Learns New Skills

Your team feels cared for and excited about new energy and ideas actively participating in projects

While your team experiences the Phronesis approach to project management, and the Human Dynamics model, everyone grows.

Get More from What You Have

Your executives develop skills while actively participating in completing critical deliverables.

Even poor employees become effective creators and completers. You enjoy securing notable market leadership.

Your Ecosystems Work Together

Suppliers, Customers, Ancillary Companies Can Pay You to Market for Everyone's Benefit

Your team transforms cost centers into profit centers by crafting programs that links all ecosystems together & attracts new gold.

Erika's Approach Provides Tangible Tools & Results

Invigorate Your People, Approach, Tools, Partnerships, & Your Business Growth!

Enjoy My Tactical, Fun & Content-Rich Interactive Presentation Style, & Presentation Ideas For Your Next Event!

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