Yes, Helping You Stand Out.

♥Designing ka-pow branding.

♥Crafting beautiful words, artwork, video, and motion graphics for you.

♥Connecting you to the best choices of tech, ideas, people, and solutions.

Erika and her team sift through the noise, and to uncover your best plan.

Once the strategy is set, they write, design, and help you put all the fundamental tech in place.

Once the foundation is set, we keep the motion graphics, and whatever you need, flowing.

Erika Feinberg

MA Human Dynamics

Expert Panelist/

Keynote Speaker

Writer, Trainer, Branding, & Visual Comms Specialist

Erika built and led three multi-million dollar market-leading businesses with successful exits, and co-founded the country's first venture-philanthropy non-profit that is now the largest, and worldwide.

Corporate training, expert panel & keynote speaking expertise.

❖ New Venture Planning, Corporate Transformations, & Training

❖ Branding, Corporate Culture, & Strategic Planning

❖ Multimedia & F/F Employee, Customer, Stakeholder Trainings

❖ Remote Team Leadership, Agile PM, & Collaboration Skills

❖ Complex Projects/Events, Biz Ops, Creating & Updating SOPs

❖ Multi-Channel Writing/SEO – Print, Web, Video

❖ Digital & Print Newsletters, Brochures, Fliers --> Automations

❖ PowerPoint Presentations & Launch Plans/Announcements

❖ CXO Quality Long-Form Articles & Blogs, Expert Interviews

❖ Curriculum Writing, CE, Presenting & Directing/Producing Events

Real-Life Experience

& Success Stories

Newest Creation

YouTube Channel & Podcast for Medspa & Aesthetics  

Brought in by industry providers to create brand, design, launch, and lead a new online education business.

Primarily a YouTube Channel.

  • 100% organic, no paid advertising.

  • Created concept and operation from scratch.

  • Leading all articulations, communications, design, tech stack decisions, managing all projects, planning and performing as host, putting all SOPs in place.

  • Creating and managing all aspects of the interviews, and relationship management. 

  • 100% remote team management in multiple cities, and countries.

  • Highlighting innovators through video edu

  • Connecting the market to the best providers

  • Serving medical practice owners, operators, investors, medspa founders, managers, and aesthetics professionals, drug companies, cosmetic technology manufacturers, and the best choices of providers serving the industry.

National Laser Institute -

Louology - Revelana

Mentor, Chief Strategy & Communications Officer 

Brought in by CEO to create brand, design, launch, and lead a new video-on-demand professional education startup within National Laser Institute from scratch.

Louology became a very fast-growing professional mentorship organization, serving thousands.

  • 100% organic, no paid advertising.

  • Leading all tech stack decisions, recruiting, training, managing all projects, planning and performing at events, putting all SOPs in place.

  • Creating and managing all aspects of Zoom mentor sessions and events. 

  • 100% remote team management in multiple cities, and countries.

  • Mentoring & retaining thousands of members

  • Writing curriculum and all articulations, video production.

  • Creating all SOP videos and client training videos, website, workflows, long-term nurtures, building the YouTube, Anchor, and Spotify Crushing it in Aesthetics Expert Interview Series.

  • Member feedback resulted in our creating a SaaS for aesthetics. We called and branded it Revelana.

Revelana has become a total SaaS solution, tech support, branding, and creative services organization for aesthetics and medspa practice owners.

We're building "smart" WordPress websites that tie into High Level CRM, marketing systems, workflows and cross-enterprise solutions.

We also offeroffer ongoing mentorship, graphic design, content creation, and support.

  • Created from scratch, including all code.

  • 100% organic, no paid advertising.

  • Leading all tech stack decisions, recruiting, training, managing all projects, planning and performing at events,  putting all SOPs in place.

  • Creating and leading technical Rev-Up sessions for clients and prospects needing to brand and automate. 

  • 100% remote team management in multiple cities, and countries.

If you are in the Medical, Medspa, or Aesthetics Industry...

Visit to learn more!


Advanced Energy Machines

ESG & Communications Officer.

Advisor & Board Manager

The cold chain industry's first and only zero emissions TRU that has millions of hours of successful performance data from actual deliveries, and that runs on low voltage DC.

The SolarTechTRU power system for refrigerated trailers is eliminating the need for diesel powered TRUs, which is also eliminating thousands of tons of toxic carbons from the air.

Between its astonishingly reliable and efficient engineering, its leasing terms, and its added safety, the SolarTechTRU is winning clean air vouchers, helping its customers earn ongoing WAIRE and ESG credits, it's transforming costs into profits, and setting the standard for TRUs, worldwide.

  • Updated branding, built, wrote, and designed, and manage the website.

  • Design conference presentations, reports, infographics, and market communications.

  • Automated and manage the IT infrastructure and lead generation capture and nurture systems.

  • Field and engage first level inquiries.

  • Redesigned and manage the blog, YouTube, and LinkedIn platforms.

  • Help brainstorm strategies and approaches to sales growth, and to service fulfillment.

  • Capture and edit video and other content for marketing, credibility and ongoing market education.

  • Manage the board.

  • Help make the best decisions possible, and help act on them.


Executive Coaching and Writing

CXO, Chief Strategy, Operations, & Communications Officer

(July 2014 – Present) 

ApexOutcomes was created upon request during the successful sale of ActiveForever

Brought in by investors to turn a very wide variety of troubled businesses around.

Helped transform companies losing money for years to becoming the chosen, profitable, and differentiated, multi-million dollar market-leaders.

  • Updated trainings, branding, the brand voice, marketing. articulations, position descriptions, SEO, and website copy.

  • Updated SOPs, slide decks, created employee and customer training libraries/delivered training, and CTA forms.

  • Leveraged my position as an influencer and thought leader on LinkedIn for launches and leadership development.

  • Professional and psychological executive counselor.

Arizona State University School of Entrepreneurship EIR

Appointed as one of the first on-staff Entrepreneurs in Residence for ASU's Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program


During my yeas as Entrepreneur in Residence at ASU we won "Most Innovative University" from US News & World Report

  • Created the role, curriculum, awareness, branding, and SOPs

  • Presented entrepreneurship for every discipline of graduate, undergraduate, and PhD student

  • Rallied students across-disciplines to form student ventures and to learn how to ideate and collaborate

  • Assembled and trained diverse student teams to perform together to create viable ventures, and to pitch their ventures to investors

  • My student teams consistently won over $3.5 mm in private investments for student ventures within 1 year

  • Attracted strategic partners such as Mayo Clinic, which became a pivotal strategic partner to the university

ActiveForever Medical Supplies & Devices

CEO, Public Speaker, SME

(Aug 2004 - July 2014)

Brought on to turn around a tiny, struggling 'mom & pop"

My largest success story to date by revenue generation, by P/E, revenue per employee ratio, and by online ranking.

This company started as pure commerce, and ultimately became a very large digital and direct mail sales agency, and 3PL for its industry (FBA before FBA existed).

  • Massively successful turnaround project.

  • Grew a tiny ‘mom & pop’ ecommerce business to $94 million in revenues - one of the largest multi-channel solutions businesses in the country, and top-ranked e-commerce site online.

  • Established all strategy: Operations, marketing, retail, tech infrastructure, direct mail, ecommerce, 3PL logistics, HR training and development.

  • Led strategy, sourcing, product management, print and online catalog marketing, and 3PL fulfillment for over 150K SKUs and 850 manufacturers.

  • Established and managed strategic partnerships with our suppliers, market-leading drug companies, and surgical parts companies.

  • The company became a center for innovation, and a highly respected branding, sales, and the market's top choice of 3PL DME logistics services agency.

  • Spoke at conferences and corporate trainings as a leadership, market strategy, and internet marketing expert.

eStreet Capital / eStreet Search

Managing Partner & Top-Producing Retained Executive Search Specialist

Executive team building, due diligence, board development

(Jan 1987 – Dec 2004) 

Led the Retained Search Services portion of the venture capital fund.

I was one of the country's top retained executive search consultants for 9 years, the founder passed away, and one year after breaking off on my own, my search business was purchased by one of the venture capital organizations I served. 

  • Performed due diligence on investments, defined the recruiting needs, fulfilled the recruiting and training requirements. 

  • Helped countless companies such as Oracle Corporation and Turner Broadcasting completely transform their business models, build new business units, and maintain market-leadership.

  • Helped countless private startups grow through successful acquisitions and assimilations.

  • Helped co-found eMarketing (1999) which became a leading $multi-mil digital agency purchased by Mars Promotions 2001.

  • Spoke on stages as an industry expert.

Love of Community &

Entrepreneurial Education

Social Venture Partners, Spark, iStartFirst, Money Month 2.0, BBB

I love inspiring and educating motivated individuals, of all ages, to actively participate in entrepreneurial ventures; teaching business, marketing, and finance - and helping co-found venture philanthropy efforts such as Social Venture Partners.

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