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Choosing the best team members, suppliers, service providers, clients and customers

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Choosing and using technology and processes with clear purpose to yield exciting results

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Creating and delivering high-impact communications through every population you touch.

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Be Bold, Play Bigger in Life

What is Leadership STEAM?


Leadership STEAM works better than a ping pong table! It's a method for developing your family members, constituents, congregations, clients and employees into collaborators, and into excited transformational leaders. 

Videos & See Overview

Master Meeting Management


Our opposable thumbs, and our ability to brainstorm together is what makes us a fascinating species. Let's evolve with the times!  Enjoy bringing new approaches, results, and more excitement than donuts to your meetings.

Good-to-Great meetings

Phronesis Leadership Model


"The habit of making the right decisions and taking the right actions in context, and relentless pursuit of excellence for the common good."  Exercising phronesis requires emotional intelligence, and magical motivational abilities.

Motivational Comms

Define and Capture your Spirit


Sometimes team spirits just get defined and captured naturally as you go, and sometimes they don't...or need a little pivot.  

The process is thrilling and invaluable. There's a beautiful art to re-defining or defining your company's heartbeat and team spirit.

The Meaning of Meaning :)

Short Video- Meaning of Meaning Mindset

You will be reinvigorated and you will definitely get more out of your existing resources, fast,

...and to "ka pow" you truly absorb the meaning of meaning for mindset.

Book an on-site workshop, see what happens! We'll get right to it! Epiphanies happen fast!

The Accountability Dance


Everything you need to know about great leadership and accountability success you can learn from swing or salsa dancing.  Everyone needs to shoe up well-rested, listen carefully, choose a leader, learn, comply, and perform.

The Leadership Dance

For Great Leaders with Needs

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Nothing is more important to us than your success and happiness:

We've done our best to include all the critical elements involved in optimally developing leadership skills and overall success for you as a leader, as well as for your team - and your ecosystem.

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Motivation behind our efforts:

Let's discuss your views and iteration of "Servant Leadership", and get it rolling!

Video: Servant Leadership defined by Simon Sinek on Good Morning America. (2014) 

If this video and concept hits home with you, let's talk about it. We can feed you weekly video snippets, we can buy you books, get you and your chosen team members to trainings, or anything you need to further develop your Mastermind Leadership skills. 

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Defining your own mission and vision:

Feel free to discuss your personal and your departmental mission and vision with us.  Let's create a crisp and fresh focus for your efforts, and provide you with all the guidance and tools you need for your success this year!

Video: This one features Project Life Mastery, and defines "How to create your mission statement."(2017)

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Let's set a goal for the week:

Put your top 3 goals for the week in writing right now. Experience how putting your weekly goals in writing makes all the difference!  You should feel more motivated, focused and accountable to your goals, and also offer more clarity to your team as an effective and excited leader.

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4. You can view other team members' celebratory announcements and contribute to the recognition and joy.

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Video: Business celebrity video about 5 rules for living your dreams. (Charmichael, 2017)

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