What Does a Mastermind Culture Look Like?

A Mastermind Culture Takes a Village

We are turnaround experts who work with your team, your leaders, suppliers, customer base and referral partners to knock EVERYTHING up a notch! (...and add value to the company benefits!) 


We get more out of your existing resources & strengthen bonds

We enable self-management, excitement, & evolution

We inspire innovation, loyalty, & growth

We love growing women into strong, contageous leaders

  We love growing men into empathetic servant leaders

  We embrace & explore cultural diversity & apply the best of the best

Typical Event & Training Content

  1. Who are you? Craft your story.
  2. Master your pitch
  3. SWAT Team approach & team assembly
  4. Effective meeting models & techniques that excite
  5. Cultural studies & communications strategies that work
  6. Defining & driving KPIs
  7. Leadership styles & situational leadership
  8. Core Values Codes & CSR plan development

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The MastermindTNT Co-Ed Growth Accelerator Rocks!

It's structured identical to MMSparkle, but it's co-ed.

We start with 1 senior member and build a highly relevant group of 6 senior business leaders, plus 2 junior members who observe, learn & help.

The Mastermind Way


What is a Mastermind Culture?

A Mastermind Culture transforms managers into leaders, naturally causes more smiles, productivity, creativity, and loyalty.

This levels up every aspect of success. 

Your culture becomes a well-oiled productivity machine and also yields innovative thinking that keeps you ahead of the pack. 


How do you create it?

The days of dictator leadership, uni-directional lectures, mediocre content, and micro-management are dead...or should be killed.

  • You create a Mastermind Culture by engaging every level of employee in "soft-skills development" WHILE THEY'RE IN ACTION.
  • THEN, Do the same with every stakeholder! Customers...Strategic partners...Referral sources...Suppliers...


What do you mean by success takes a village?

Corporate Mastermind Training happens on-site, during meetings...sometimes during meals or special events. 

It's an active-delivery approach that does not disrupt deliverables. 

Everyone is taught Transformational Leadership communication techniques and we engage in collaboration skills that empower, engage and yield notably better relationships and results...and profits.

We teach better communication and critical thinking skills that often cause breakthroughs in the workplace and life.

Bring Mastermind Methods to your Stage

Mastermind Training Pioneer


She is one of the first and best corporate trainers who works with teams in motion. She does not disrupt the agenda of deliverables. She works with the exec team on clearly defining best choices of KPIs, roles and expectations, and she trains new and better collaboration and communication methods that yield excitement and impressive output.

#1 Class Rank- WIU Master's


Top Ranked Student: 4.0 Master's in Human Dynamics; a concentration teaching research and techniques in global communications methods, technology channels, human nature, transformational leadership, mindset training, cultural studies, corporate ethics, corporate social responsibility (CSR) methods, effective collaboration and negotiation strategies++

Clients', Markets' & Teachers' Pet


Her clients, teachers and students LOVE her and crave her. She brings a tremendous amount of energy, substantial experience, tactics and proven methods to everything she does.

She excels at honing in on and provoking the most important factors and helps excite organizational change and lofty goal achievement FROM EXISTING RESOURCES!

Interactive Public Speaker


She brings a very unusual style to the stage. She hops off the stage and engages the audience, brings the best attendees on stage, moderates arguments and brainstorms that cause excitement and breakthroughs.  

She also has the uncanny ability to read the audience and address and solve big issues on-the-spot!

Skilled Emcee and Moderator


You have to see it to believe it. She brings big smiles and substance that naturally causes the best audience members to raise up out of their seats and engage. Even speakers perform better owing to her involvement.

These best audience members and the audience's active engagement inspires even the weakest links to fuse and enjoy.

Improve ALL Relationships!


 Erika's proven, deliberate, and highly interactive methods help improve all aspects of business and life for every personality type and effort. 

Collaboration, self-management, and communication skills improve. Critical thinking and emotional quotients rise. You'll enjoy better customer, employee, service-provider and supplier experiences and relationships!


The Workshops are Innovative & Make an Impact!

Train & Bond Your Employees, Leaders, & Your Ecosystem

The Trainings Actively Impart Transformational Leadership Practices 

& Mastermind Approaches to Collaboration & Innovation. 

We discuss your goals and hopes, then we personalize our program just for you!

We mastermind mindsets, communication & collaboration skills.

♦ We participate in collaborations & contribute to deliverables in action


♦ We take niche teams off-site


♦ We work with niche team on-site

♦♦ Results! Your team delivers with added clarity & excitement. 

♦♦ They learn new leadership, attitude, & collaboration skills.

♦♦ Everyone involved innovates & delivers like never before! 

How it Typically Works:

 ♦ You identify the work team(s)

 ♦ You designate team lead(s)

 ♦ We (quickly) get briefed by lead(s)

 ♦ We define KPIs together

 ♦ We attain desired timelines

 ♦ We define goals & challenges

 ♦ We get to know each team member

 ♦ We define roles and expectations

 ♦ We actively participate with team

 ♦ We help them solve & deliver

 ♦ We help identify new strategies

 ♦ We train new attitudes & results!

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