Meet Olenka & Erika, The Mastermind Trainers

Meet Olenka Cullinan #iStartFirst

Olenka forged this Mastermind Sparkle concept & Erika put the differentiating operational details together.

Mastermind Sparkle is for highly ambitious females between 22-40 ready for next stages of growth.

Once you join as a senior or junior member, Erika & Olenka form a group of 6 business owners around you + 2 junior members.

Olenka is a world-known (& pretty intense) trainer of teens and millennials, big on supporting women & a top-selling author.

Meet Erika Feinberg, Mastermind Trainer

Erika Feinberg on Linkedin

Erika has a track record of transforming tiny companies into multi-million dollar (loved) market-leaders...and causing smiles.

She & Olenka now pay it forward.

Best Mastermind Nationally: 


It is much more tactical and faster-paced than your usual program. (Please watch these videos & See the details below!)

Group members are deliberately complementary & collaborative.


+Includes a year-end event that knocks everything over the top!

6 Senior Members & 2 Interns Per Group

Any Stage Business - Craving Tactics Trainings & Introductions

3-Hour Tactical Roundtable once every other month. 

Group Zoom calls a total of 1 hour per month.

1 hour per month wild card time with seasoned leaders/specialists you need most.

NOT lecturing or listening to others' problems: We knock out projects. 

You leave with your focus, your content (video, written materials, imagery), your to-dos.

It’s heads-down tactical and interactive time together in a beautiful setting!

  • Tightening market strategy and articulations. (Financials can be discussed 1:1). We tighten market strategies and knock out online marketing projects as a team.
  • Driving more revenues, identifying market opportunities & knowing your numbers.
  • Learning better leadership skills and mindset training that works! 
  • Some of our later monthly meetings include content creation such as video interviews: 
    • presenting mission/vision, introducing a product line, recording sales presentation so even interns can just send prospects to the link & funnel…
  • Teach some tech skills like web design, email marketing, SM, CRM, Human Dynamics/Customer Experience, content proliferation, bookkeeping, KPIs/financials, investor pitch or corporate sales pitch training…
  • Creation of Ka-Pow level articulations and sales tools…you leave with video etc!
  • We help open doors for our Mastermind Members when we feel each is ready!

Each Group has 6 vocal Senior (SR) members & 2 observing Junior (JR) members.


How it Works - It's Cumulative!

12-month program, but paid monthly.

  • $397 per person per month.
  • $20 off/month if you pre-pay.
  • $50/month credit for each SR member referred to any group.
  • We train methods that work! 
    • Negotiating & Leadership
    • Mindset & Strategies
    • Sourcing & Partnerships
    • Collaboration & Contracts
    • Propelling it without you!
  • Big introductions for growth. 
    • Plus, deeper digs into specific areas of expertise (including legal contract reviews, IP searches, graphic or software design, CRM/automation, accounting, funding or big accounts introductions… 

+Every group has 2 JR interns you can use!

Intense Mastermind Sparkle Training

Leadership Skills Development

Learn innovative approaches to sourcing & negotiations + get intros.

We actively work on the best focus & key elements of YOUR business!

Operations Streamlining

Grow most efficiently, improve revenue streams, find new ones.

Learn from the best. Once you're ready, we hook you up!

Collaborations & Growth Strategies

When we're done with your articulations & ops, we help $$.

Certain strategies find $ & also allow the business to run without you!

It All Starts Here & Mushrooms!

Learn From The Best & Earn Profound Support That Streamlines Your Growth

Our unique supportive approach helps you enjoy the process & create a business that runs without you.

We Guarantee You'll Rock This Year!

This is not your usual Mastermind. 

Join a team now and see what happens this year! 

Reminder: As soon as you sign up, we either add you to a team that is in formation stage and highly relevant to your growth, or we promote you (heavily) and form a new team around you! 

Your team starts when everyone is good to go!