The Rising Tycoons Program Develops The Most Promising

Olenka Cullinan- Founder

Olenka Cullinan - Founder of Rising Tycoons

She moved here from Russia at 18, put herself through a Bachelor's and Master's degree, taught high school and exercised an innovative style that connected very well with the teens.

Identified a Need


Olenka recognized a dire need for education to include leadership and real life skills training into curriculum, yet the inability for U.S. schools sytems to effectively accommodate the needs.

Olenka Goes Global


Olenka traveled the world teaching leadership, critical thinking and life-skills to thousands of teens AND TEACHERS across the globe, which then sparked the attention of U.S. institutions.

Olenka Impacts Tens of Thousands


Between her Keynote addresses at major educational conferences and schools throughout  the country and world, her programs have been brought into school systems as a standard enhancement to existing curriculum.

Teaching the Teachers


The "Backbone of Success"  has been proven effective and has been attracting the best and brightest youth, which has inspired major universities to support and host programs. The programs run through the regular school year.

Sponsoring Benefits Your Brand


Whether an educational institution is hosting and paying for its own program, or is being subsidized by corporate sponsorship, everyone gets ample brand exposure and benefits from the Rising Tycoons content and experience.