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If you are planning & launching a new practice, or planning & launching an initiative,

We serve newbies and goliaths in both capacities!

We Offer 2 Bundles

Bundle & Save!


Practice Startup Bundle

For Startups Building from Ground Level


Campaign Planning Bundle

For Established Businesses Leveling Up

Practice Planning, Tech & Design


Google Workspace Setup

Google My Business Setup

(~$7/mo/user to Google)

Text, Call & Automations Biz Phone #

(Phone # Registration: ~$20 to carrier)

All-In-One EMR or Booking System Setup

(EMR is free up to 50 active users!)

With Website/Copywriting/Hosting

Domain DNS Records Set

DMARC Policy for Email Send Safety

Launches, Campaigns & Special Projects

Strategy & Articulations Planning

Copywriting & Design (for Print & Web)

Video Creation & Editing

Sales Funnel Planning & Build Out

Landing Page Planning & Design

Custom Campaign Phone Number #

(Phone # Registration: ~$20 to carrier)

SOPs & Team Training Created

one-time $2850 + 97/month for everything

one-time $2995 + 97/month for everything

Or See A La Carte Below!

Branding Services.

We love branding!

Create a logo and a look that sets you above the rest!

We create award-winning logos that build confidence, cause excitement, and that help your practice stand out above the rest.

Great branding can absolutely create and fuel your success!

We kick off with a pow-wow to get your vibe, and we explore your gravitational pulls, then we do all the rest!

It's like magic!

If you haven't secured your name or domain yet, we can help you arrive at the best possible name and domain, strategically and legally, for your practice.

Then we create an exceptionally clean, professional, and attention-grabbing logos you fall in love with, and our work is dones when you're over-the-moon!

Sometimes we also help you uncover your best tagline ever.

We create a few different iterations of your logo you'll most likely love.

Then, you're over-the-moon excited, and we furnish you your logo files and a professional branding kit.

The branding kit contains your font(s), your Hex/RGB colors, your primary logo, a favicon, and a variety of logo artwork.

What do our branding services come with?

Us! Decades of success in branding & building market leaders!

• You get an inspiring and eye-opening mentor session.

• You get a logo you're delighted with!

• You get a few iterations of your brand sized for social media.

• You get a favicon (the little logo that shows up in website tabs)

• You get your font or fonts if you have a secondary font.

• You get your HEX and RGB colors.

This way, everything you create online and offline is uniform and reflects your branding with impressive consistency!

Special Note: If you don't have an established company name yet, we can help you land on a name that surprises you. In the process we check with to see if it's free and clear legally. We also check to make sure it's a name that is strategically standout within its online and geographic landscape.

one-time $495 for everything

Beautiful Website

Fully Written & Designed!

What is the Website Service?

We will work with you one-on-one to brainstorm and create the strategic differentiation, messaging, and website of your dreams.

If you have beautiful branding, or if we've created it for you, we'll design a website that matches your branding beautifully.

You'll get copywriting done by our professional team that reflects your services and your vibe, as well as imagery from our huge library of authentic stock images and videos.

If you don't have a domain yet, we'll set it up with you, and connect it to our secure SSL hosting (only $120/year!)

What should I expect?

• A mentor session that inspires you and provokes clarity.

• Relatively lightning fast delivery of a completed website after your mentor session.

• You get a multi-page website laid out with our industry essentials.

• A website that blows your mind, and that speaks, and sells for you, at a glance.

• Tight and optimized copywriting you can leverage in all of your marketing.

• SEO fundamentals, thumbnails, favicon, page data so you look great in search results.

• Your website easily integrates with GoHighLevel web chat and lead gen forms!

• It's all yours. You get full access to your folders, files, data, and website.

• Ability to leverage our huge database of authentic looking imagery.

• We can clean up your existing creative assets like photos and videos.

P.S. We also have great pricing on monthly updates & secure hosting!

one-time $1995 for everything

If you have a website, and you just need updates to your website monthly:

Snatch it up for $99/mo

Or, If you need a booking system, web chat, and the essentials to automate your practice, get advice, and monthly website updates done for you, get Growth99!

Snatch it up for $199/mo

This is a deal exclusive to ApexOutcomes!

We can help you set up your Google Workspace Email

What does the Google Workspace Setup Service cover?

• You get us and our wisdom/mentorship!

• Buy Google Workspace whether we help or not (the $6/mo plan is likely fine)

• We'll get your business domain connected to it.

• We will set up the most ideal settings for you.

We'll set up free strategic alternative/alias accounts for you.

• We'll set up any other user accounts you may need.

• We will also set up your signature block.

• We can set up a sub-domain for your email marketing.

• We can add a safe sender DMARC policy to your DNS records.

one-time $250 for everything

Incredibly Well-Priced

Medspa & Aesthetics Practice Legal Services

Here's a Dream Offering for You!

Guidance & The Essentials Completed for You.

If you are starting a practice, or things are growing and changing for you, we have high quality, and very well-priced guidance and resources poised for you.

You can get all the guidance , legal docs and filings done that you need to start your medspa or aesthetics practice at a FRACTION of the price of a law firm!

We can also help you stay compliant as you change and grow - At a fraction of law firm rates.

Step-by-Step Legal Tasks & Paperwork Completed For You!

Get it done right, and enjoy the process.

Business name clearance research

Corporate structure drafting & filing (LLC & EIN)

Operating agreement & banking resolution (Needed for biz bank acct)

Independent contractor agreement (w NC & NS)

Treatment compliance policies & procedures (P&P) manual

OSHA, SDS, pathogens, blood borne safety P&P manual

Medical director agreement (if needed)

Trademark research and trademark filings

Employment agreements

*If you're in a state, or have any situations that cause "legal complexities" , those things will be identified for you, and you'll be pleased with how little even the "extras" or additional consultations may cost.

If you're starting from scratch, snatch it up!

If you don't need this, keep scrolling...

Small flat fees for filings and documents you need,

& small hourly fees for extras if you need them!

You can get escalated to an attorney, if needed too.

Mentorship, Legal, Logo, & Google Workspace Bundle!

If you're starting a biz...and you need the startup essentials!


What's in the STARTUP ESSENTIALS bundle?

It's a mixture of the legal essentials, branding, and Google Workspace setup!

It offers you the foundational mentorship and "presence creation" that has proven to set you up for a successful career as a medspa or aesthetics practice founder.

You Get:

Astute & supportive mentor sessions

Company naming, name clearance, & overall planning brainstorm

LLC, PLLC, and EIN guidance and setup services

Logo creation & branding kit (logo, brand colors, fonts, assets)

Google Workspace email and domains set up

This gets you massive discounts on anything you might need, forever!

If you need it all, snatch it up!

$1900 for everything above!

We call this the "brilliant startup bundle", just for you!

Monthly 1:1 Priceless Guidance, Graphic Design, Video Editing, & Tech Support Services

This is a Must for your Sanity, Happiness, & Success!

You're hiring a team of inspiring expert strategists, techies, and designers who create and deliver for you.

Whatever you need.

On-call, every month.

You get any combination of things you need:

Email & text campaigns designed & sent.

Social media posts & reels styled.

(If you want SM management with posting, see below)

Print materials designed & sent to printer.

Content updates to your site.

Images & videos created &/or edited for you.

Infographics & other things designed for you.

eCommerce stores created & updated for you.

Guidance to best choices of specialists.

Deals negotiated for you.

Great advice.

$995/month for everything above!

We have your back with astute ideas & we get it done!

Deluxe Video & Images Editing Services

(a full day of video & editing)

What's our Deluxe Creative Assets Editing Services?

You get up to eight hours / equiv to a full day of video and image editing!

We are superheros when it comes to making your creative assets, video or images, look amazing!

and/or repurposing what you may have already used, and want to use again.

We can even turn your images into motion graphics.

We can interview you over Zoom, and create long form video, and topic-specific video clips from it. Otherwise, we just edit what you have.

You can use these videos and clips all over your website, online channels, and in social media.

We do the post-production editing, so you have quality content for all of your marketing channels. (Branded, match length and aspect ratios per outlet...)

You can also leverage this time can work with your existing creative assets such as photographs and videos, or create it for you... and keep you well-organized!

We can work remotely from anywhere - editing and organizing for you.

$995 for a lot of editing!

YouTube, GMB & Blog Services

What's our YouTube, GMB, Blogging & LTN Services?

Most social media agencies do not do this part, so this is what we do!

We create and edit video content that we then post on your YouTube channel, we create blogs, post to your Google My Business.

If you have a system capable of long term nurture emails and/or texts, we also repurpose the content and keep adding to your long term nurture sequence.

**If you don't have an LTN system in place, we have incredible marketing automation recommendations for you!

One is GoHighLevel:

One is Growth99:

This service is uniquely powerful!

It all ties into your YouTube content, drives traffic back to your website in hopes of helping you achieve your results goals!

You can get found by your desired target audience, and get found for the treatments, services, and products you offer.

What should I expect?

• We create unique and branded/edited video interviews and topics for you

• We can interview you over Zoom then professionally edit the video interview

• And/or we can create unique ai video promotions for you with avatars

• We post video on your YouTube & GMB pages

• We can turn the video clips into blog posts

• We can repurpose each blog tease into your long term nurture (LTN) campaign

Everything we do in a month all ties together and will help you get found for certain topics through video, and helps your search results look better!

$995/month for everything

Reels Social Media Services

What's our Reels Social Media Marketing Services?

With "reels done right" in social: You can intrigue and engage your desired target audience, and get found for the treatments, services, and products you offer like no other.

Each reel needs to be designed to the length and aspect ratio of each platform. You decide what platforms you want reels for, and we create them!

We create up to 12 reels per month for the social platforms of your choice, every week!

For instance: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and even Google My Business.

We'll post them too, if you want us to.

We create video for you, and we edit your existing videos - we pull transcripts and edit them, write optimized copy for your post, and post, post, post, post!

We can even create fun AI ads with and without avatars in them if you wish!

What should I expect?

• We pow-wow to establish goals and priorities.

• We personalize and exercise best practices - hands on.

• We provide you trending topics and video strategies.

• We guide you toward secret ways that help you rank in your region

• We teach you how to master creating videos. (short clips!)

• You create enough short, topic-specific videos for us to edit and post.

• You use the reels on your website, social, and your Google My Business.

We can help you create videos by interviewing you over Zoom.

You provide us what we need, WE do all the rest!

$895/month for everything


Appointment Booking, CRM, Marketing Automation Software System, Website Design, AND Astute SEO & Paid Lead Generation Services!

A Small Investment that Drives Big Success!

If you need an incredible all-in-one booking and automation system,

and proven medspa / aesthetics marketing services, at the best prices in the country:

Get Growth99!

Get all the practice automation you need, and high-quality marketing services at fantastic prices!

Growth99 is offering ApexOutcomes clients outstanding pricing on all the plans, and all the add-ons, for life!

Growth99 Plus Plan 99/mo

Growth99 Website Plan 199/mo

Growth99 Premium Plan 599/mo

Big Discounts on all the Add-Ons for Life!

If you need an incredible all-in-one booking automation and marketing software system at the best price in the country, and you want to DIY,

Go HighLevel!

HighLevel is a VERY well-priced, robust, all-in-one, appointment booking & nurture system, CRM, email and text marketing system, reputation management system, website, blogging, eCommerce, social media management system, and more, and more!

☝️Growth99's (featured above HighLevel) is a better choice if you want a simpler system and Growth99's beautiful WordPress website design, and their astute assistance with your medspa and medical marketing.

👇HighLevel is a great choice if you have smart techies (like ApexOutcomes), and marketers in your back pocket, and you want an easy-to-use all-in-one, cohesive platform to work with!

☝️You can buy the system directly from HighLevel with no setup fee.


👇You can buy HighLevel from ApexOutcomes, and you will get beautifully written & designed template automations, websites to choose from, and campaigns specifically created for medspa/aesthetics practices!

It takes a lot of work and expertise to set up a practice! Let us help:)